Vegetable Production
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We provide training to aspiring farmers,

Siphe Development and Capacitation Agency (SiDeCa) is an agri-business based company in South Africa with interests in agricultural production and post-harvest management and promotion of sustainability efficiency in agricultural production in underdeveloped rural areas of Eastern Cape Province. The company promotes income generation and the production of food.

SiDeCa is an expression of goals set forth in South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) component that argues that agriculture is the primary economic activity in rural areas and has the potential to create close to one million new jobs by 2030. In partnership with governments, civil society and private companies SiDeCa seeks support the NDP by pursuing the following goals:

  • Stimulating agribusiness at farm and village level;
  • Promote incomes, employment and productivity in underdeveloped rural areas through agriculture that comprise a major part of the province’s economic base;
  • Develop agriculture toward agro-industry and increase self-reliance;


Sideca provide high quality practical training to farmers through hands on learning principles. Our training initiative is to assist both farmers and farmer organizations with access to additional skills and knowledge


Agricultural Infrastructure Development is key to farm productivity. Amongst many other objectives it aims to develop land and water resources for the purpose of increasing farmers` income


We are a leading supplier of Agricultural inputs and equipment. We can replace & repair parts on most of the different types of equipment farmers currently use