What is PICS?

Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) bags are a three-layer, non-chemical, cost-effective method of reducing post-harvest legume (grain and seed) losses from Bruchid infestation. Its unique technology enables long-term storage of various legumes without spoilage. This is made possible by the hermetic seal. The bags have proven to be effective in several other crops. These bags have been available in West and Central Africa, but are now available in South Africa for the first time, under the direction of Siphe Development and Capacitation Agency (SideCa) (Pty) Ltd


  • Protects at least 14 crop species from storage pests.
  • Protects against mold and aflatoxin.
  • Increases crop shelf-life:- can store pulse for up to three seasons
  • it is durable and made of recyclable material
  • 3-tier construction provides better protection than other storage options
  • Stored grain can be sold at a higher price when supplies are low.
  • Made of food-grade polyethylene, chemical-free.
  • PICS bags are easily accepted by farmers.