Siphe Development and Capacitation Agency (SIDECA) is a 100% black-owned and managed consulting company in South Africa based in Eastern Cape specialising in local economic development, project management and project implementation services to government entities, industrial and commercial sectors. The company seeks to realise success from potential enterprises/companies/entities. We provide a complete, one stop service for our clients through formal association specialist companies where necessary.

SIDECA is an expression of goals set forth in South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) component that argues local economic development should be the key economic driver and has the potential to create jobs. In partnership with government organs, civil society and private companies SIDECA seeks support the NDP by pursuing the following goals:

  • Stimulating local economic development;
  • Create income opportunities, income growth, employment and productivity in underdeveloped local municipalities;
  • Develop agriculture toward agro-industry and increase self-reliance;

SIDECA has established value for money, tailor-made consultancy solutions to all its clients in both the public and private sectors. SIDECA was introduced in the Eastern Cape to promote local economic development support in under developed areas of Eastern Cape.


Our mission is to empower and support municipalities, communities, organisations and individuals to carry out productive operations that lead to local economic development while addressing pressing regional challenges such as unemployment, food insecurity; poverty and inequality.


The company has a team of dedicated experienced individuals with the necessary skills and capacity to successfully complete assignment set. SIDECA has a formal collaborative relationship with local universities (University of Fort Hare and Walter Sisulu Universities).

Currently the management consists of the Managing Director, the Operations and Production Director and Three Managers of functional departments. The management of the company is well versed with the operations of the company from the production to the marketing aspects because of the high technical expertise that they have. The management of the company is as follows: